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If you are a trader with a van that you use to work, then you might think about ways to get the most out of your investment and improve the way you work. If you want to maintain the condition and value of your van, then you should think about protecting it from the inside. So, why do you need to coat the interior of your van?

Inserting plywood into the inside of the van will add value in the long run and will help protect the interior especially if you carry a lot of heavy equipment and tools for your work. Layers will protect from scratches and dents. This will also help prevent rust from forming. The amount of plywood and thickness will be determined by what your trade is and how much equipment you carry. Plywood will add weight to the entire van, so keep this in mind when thinking about the total weight of your load.

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Opening your van in front of a client will make you proud when you display a professional and organized van, equipped with ply-lining and storage compartments. Your vehicle will also be protected from bumps and scratches that can occur during transit. This will also add value to your vehicle if you want to sell it later.

There is no doubt that ply coating offers a solution for daily wear that can be passed through the van and increases the durability of the van by protecting expensive body panels and in turn increasing its life and value. This is often underestimated in its ability to offer vehicle protection. Large fleet companies and leasing companies will appreciate the benefits of protecting vans from damage caused by cargo transfer. Investing in a good quality ply layer set will ensure that you will not be stuck replacing it several times and can rest easy knowing that it does the work it should do.

Another sensible investment is the correct reflective livery for any vans who might carry out road maintenance or highways work. This ensures you can be seen by other road users, keeping them and you safe. For more details on Chapter 8 Chevrons, visit

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Choosing cheaper wood may mean there is a core gap where moisture can soak and cause the board to deteriorate and break down, so you need to make sure you choose plywood that has undergone a stringent manufacturing process. Good wood must easily last a lifetime of vans. A ply lining kit is made with a CNC router to ensure that the panel is cut precisely every time.

If you run your business from your van then that might be your most important asset. Adding life and value to your assets makes sense for business and is worth the investment. Apart from layers, it is good practice to have regular services for your van to stay on top of potential problems and prevent them from becoming a big problem. Also professional to keep your seats and seats as clean as possible and don’t let your cabin turn into rubbish.

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