An introduction to aluminium radiators

Radiators made of aluminium are bang on trend right now, with more people than ever willing to pay a little extra to have them installed in their homes and workplaces. What is the appeal of these radiators, and why should you consider them to meet your heating and style needs?

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Exploring the pros

One of the major benefits of radiators made from aluminium is that the metal is an excellent conductor of heat. This is because it has an emissivity level almost five times as high as steel alternatives. The emissivity of some products varies depending on the temperature.

This means that radiators made from aluminium do not have to be heated for as long before they reach maximum temperature. They also need less water to work, which adds up to a reduction in heating costs and more efficient heating compared with other alternatives.

More benefits

Another important benefit of aluminium radiators, which are available from companies such as Apollo Radiators, is that they are far lighter than cast iron or steel versions. This means they can be installed on any kind of wall, either internal or external, ensuring that almost any kind of space can be heated effectively.

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It is also quite possible that aluminium versions will be cheaper to install, as they are quicker to put on walls and need less manpower when it comes to moving them around.

A question of style and substance

Radiators made of aluminium can be a valuable design feature in a home or office and can be a supreme environmental choice. This is because they are created using recycled material.

Their low water content is another factor to consider, as this allows them to be slightly smaller. This can be very useful when they are being used with a low-temperature system, such as a ground source pump. It means there is no need to have large radiators to compensate for low water temperature.

Easy care

There is a misconception that aluminium versions need to be looked after differently to other types of radiators; however, this is not the case. There is nothing special that you have to do if you choose to have a radiator made of aluminium. There is also a very simple corrosion inhibitor solution to mixing metals in your heating system.

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