Instagram launches Boomerang: App to create GIFs

Instagram has launched a new application called Boomerang, which enables users to capture 5 photos in one second in burst mode, then play them forward and backward, to give the effect of GIF.

boomerang instagram

The popular application for sharing photos and videos with filters of all kinds, Instagram has launched a new app designed especially for those who like GIFs, called Boomerang.

This application allows users to record videos n very short, which is repeated again and again, in the style of the famous GIFs.

The best thing is that in order to create these videos, no need to have an account on a service, even having an account on Instagram, since you only need to open the application to activate the device camera (which can be the back or front) and start recording what you want.


In itself, which is not exactly Boomeran recorded a video, but takes 5 photos in the burst of a second mode, and then plays them continuously , both forward and reverse, so that the effect is achieved endless repetition.

That is, the final video does not contain audio, and is stored in the spool chamber of the device itself , so that then can be shared on the network that the user prefers. If the user wishes to share in Instagram, the video will double its speed, which means that the round trip taking in 1-second will, and not two.

Boomerang is available on iOS and Android , although Instagram product manager, John Barnett suggests that iPhone users will have a better result than those of Android, due to its image stabilization system.

Finally, remember that this is not the first time that Instagram launches an application other than what you already have, as we have also seen Layout allows you to combine a series of photos into a single image, and Hyperlapse to capture videos time- lapse of good quality, even while in motion.

Video: Meet the Instagram app Boomerang

Source: TechSpot

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