Innovative storage solutions for your home

Everybody seems to end up with crammed boxes taking up attic, garage and shed space. If you are tired of stacking boxes around the home, you need innovative storage solutions.

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Folding chair racks

This great solution includes the bedroom if you lack wardrobe space. Just place a number of plastic folding chairs on your wall and employ them to keep boxes at bay, hanging up your clothes so they are reachable. The best aspect is that you can always bring down the chair and sit on it if you need it.

Behind the door

We rarely use the storage capacity of doors, despite the fact we all have a large number of them. Whether you have closet doors or cabinet doors, hang crates and small wire baskets on them to make more storage space. Those precious extra square feet are a boon, notably when you employ the baskets to keep safe smaller items and clutter. Underwear, scissors, socks, markers, crayons – whatever you put in slim wire baskets, the contents are readily visible.

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Innovative shoe holder

For this, all you need is two PVC pipes from your hardware store and strong glue to cement the pieces together. Measure your shoes, then cut the pipe into segments two inches longer than the shoes, stack them to achieve a structure that is balanced, and glue with the strong glue. Your shoes will be within reach and your hallway tidy.

In Hampshire fitted wardrobes saving you space are available from specialists such as Lamco.

House Beautiful has of other storage suggestions.

Multipurpose furniture

A bed or bench might be hollow and double as storage space. Some beds hide shelves or spaces for bed linen. Cube-shaped ottomans positioned in your sitting room are excellent for storing blankets.

Serious decluttering

If you want to declutter your whole house, small boxes are often not sufficient. The best thing to do is to put all those old toys or pieces of furniture into a managed storage space, with many companies offering this service.

Shelf up above

We hardly ever use the walls over our bathroom doors; however, if you put a shelf there, it will provide plenty of storage space for the bathroom items you don’t use all the time, such as spare towels, toiletries or cleaning products.


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