8 important questions about balanced and healthy nutrition

Eating healthy can be one of your frequent worries. What can I eat and what not? Will a certain food make me gain weight or is it no problem if I eat it? What is the best time of day to eat? And what do I do with my cravings late at night?

Maybe for many of these questions, it is best to consult a nutritionist to advise you according to your physical conditions. For example: if you suffer from diabetes, you cannot eat the same as most people. The same happens if you are 20 or 70 years old. Food, being a decision, is also based on the moment of life in which you find yourself.

Questions about balanced and healthy nutrition

The World health organization spoke with us about healthy eating and answered these eight basic questions that will help you to be more aware of your well-being through what you eat. Make better decisions in the company of the ones you want; the food permeates all areas.

What can the egg supply in the daily diet?

The egg belongs to the substitutes and is a source of protein, so you can exchange it for a food that belongs to that group. The amount depends on your individual conditions and it is best to consult a specialist.

Does tea have the same amount of sugar as soda?

A 500-milliliter tea bottle has, on average, 190 calories, while a bottle of soda of the same capacity has between 180 and 200 calories. These figures may vary between brands. For more health review visit http://magazinzoo.com/

Is it true that drinking pineapple or lemon water in the morning helps you lose weight?

This is a myth. There is not a food that makes you lose weight by yourself. What does guarantee weight loss is the balance in the consumption of food according to the needs of each person.

Considering the costs of organic food, how is the cost-benefit ratio established?

Evaluate the consumption of organic foods according to your nutritional needs and the cost of these. Look for rural places and markets to access products of very good quality at a low cost. Read more Excellent vegetable juices to control diabetes

What are the repercussions of calorie intake and exercise on the same night?

It is important to consult a specialist to adapt the diet to individual needs. The impact of calorie consumption depends on factors such as the amount and type of food eaten, the time of ingestion (if it was before or after training) and the intensity of the exercise performed.

What to eat to start the day with an exercise routine without risk of dizziness or nausea?

The idea is to consume a source of carbohydrate food and a source of protein, preferably one hour before physical activity. You must try different foods to assess tolerance.

When preparing creams or soups, how is it better to prepare the vegetables?

Eat raw or steamed vegetables because, due to contact with water as a cooking medium, these lose some nutritional properties.

Does using no-calorie sweeteners to replace sugar make meals healthier?

Sweeteners without calories reduce the number of carbohydrates in the preparations, so they can help control energy intake and, therefore, weight control.

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