How to Prevent Problems between Your Puppy and Toddler

If you tell people that you’re training a puppy and raising a toddler at the same time, some people might look at you like you’re crazy. But in reality, it’s not that difficult a situation to navigate. Once a pecking order is established, things fall in place pretty quickly. But teething problems do occur from time to time while the pecking order is still being worked out. The puppy may bite your toddler and your toddler might be too rough handling the puppy. Here are a few ways to keep things civil in the house while these two creatures come to terms with each other.

Get puppy training. Yep, the first thing you’re going to do is sign your puppy up for some serious doggy discipline lessons. young pups learn very quickly, so it won’t be long before your puppy is as obedient as your husband. Be sure to do a little bit of research before you sign up willy-nilly as there are a vast range of different options available to you as a dog owner.

Smooth introductions. The first encounter between your toddler and your puppy could determine how their relationship unfolds over the next few months. It’s extremely important to explain to your child that the puppy is not a toy and that it has feelings just like you and I. Once your child grasps this idea, they should show the basic traits of empathy and treat the puppy gently. Encourage that and lead by example wherever possible. Be sure that you are around for all of their first encounters with each other. You don’t need to be hovering above them the whole time, but keep an eye on the unfolding of events.

Make a home for your puppy. You have to remember that your puppy has been taken from his mother and is probably quite cautious and a little timid in his new surroundings. Try to accommodate the pup the best you can with food and water as well as toys and cozy blankets and a dog house that it can curl up in. This will prevent the puppy from becoming jumpy and snapping at anyone. You might want to head over to Rockstar Puppy Boutique to see what kinds of toys and accouterments that are on the market today.

Set up specific zones. Getting yourself some baby gates will not only protect your child from running around the house but it’ll also help to separate your puppy from your toddler whenever necessary. Having specific zones allocated as well as a shared space for when it’s play time will help to create safe places for both of your little creatures.

Reward good behavior. Rewarding the good behavior of your dog as well as your child is a great way to encourage it in the future. If your toddler is playing gently and being respectful of the puppy’s toys and space, then reward them with praise. The same goes for the puppy of course. Doggy treats are a great way to begin the puppy’s obedience training so be sure to reward him with treats when he behaves himself.

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