How to Prevent Green Algae in Your Swimming Pool

Waking up to a green and slimy swimming pool on a hot summer’s day can be a nasty surprise. Maintaining a healthy swimming pool requires a lot of hard work and it’s easy to let it slip from time to time, especially if you’ve been out of town for a few days. Thankfully, modern technology has made it pretty easy to keep on top of swimming pool upkeep. There are almost an infinite number of chemicals, which all work to varying degrees and help to prevent green algae from getting out of control. Here are a few ideas that may help.

  1. Keep a brushing schedule. Nothing will help to prevent algae build up more than keeping a steady schedule of brushing and cleaning. Brushing or sweeping the surfaces of your pool will help to remove any algae that might be growing on the walls and floors. Once the algae is loose, it becomes a heck of a lot easier to suck up with a vacuum and for the filters to clean. Try to brush your pool once or twice a week to keep on top of this.
  2. Clean your filters regularly. Cleaning out your filters manually with your hands (wear gloves) is a great way to ensure your filtration system is doing its job at an optimal level. After brushing the walls, all the loose algae will eventually build up in the filters so you’ll have to pick the dead algae out very carefully. It’s a good idea to wash your filtration system out on a semi-regular basis to prevent build up deep in the system.
  3. Shock the pool. Once a fortnight, especially if algae has been a problem for you in the past, you’ll want to shock your pool with a pool shock like ChlorBrite. This is a great way to eliminate any spores and prevent them from developing into something more serious. There are a number of chlorine shock treatments for a pool. To get an idea of what’s on the market, head over to Royal Swimming Pools and chat with a specialist.
  4. Manage you pool’s pH. Get yourself a basic pool pH kit from Royal Swimming Pools and check your pool’s pH balance at least twice a week, especially in the summer. The idea is to keep your pool’s pH levels between 7.2 and 7.6. If it falls below this, your pool is too alkaline, and if it is above 7.6 it’s too acidic. When it falls either side of these numbers, things start to go awry and algae will begin to appear.
  5. Eliminate phosphates. Like any plant, algae needs food and nourishment to survive. A great way to kill algae is to simply kill any phosphates that might be living in your pool. Dust, sweat and body oils all create a perfect place for phosphates and ultimately for algae to thrive. Using a product like Pool Perfect, which is made from 100% natural enzymes, will help to rid your pool of phosphates. Add it directly onto your pool skimmer and use weekly to prevent algae from developing.

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