How to Organise Your Car Garage

If, like many, your garage is a wasted space full of old junk, then why not take into consideration these tips to turn the area back into what it was designed for – your car! The added bonus is that by following this advice you can also find new ways of storing all of those things you aren’t yet ready to part with.


Decide What Stays and What Goes

Garages tend to wind up as dumping grounds for almost everything: old kids’ toys, car parts, DIY equipment, garden furniture… you no doubt have a few items you can add to this list! They are almost like open targets because of their big floor space, but they were built for a purpose (and we’re sure that ‘closet’ didn’t spring to mind when you first viewed the garage!). The key to maximising your space is to first of all prioritise the contents. Decide what should be kept, what needs to be thrown away and what could be donated to charity.

Get as Much off the Floor as You Can

Clearing out your garage to make way for your car doesn’t have to mean finding a new home for absolutely everything. Try putting up shelves and hooks and getting some of the larger items off of the floor. For instance, that bike that you spent hundreds of pounds on that you never ride to work can be hung on the wall, making one less obstacle to avoid as you drive in. Interestingly, National Clean Out Your Garage Day was created in America to inspire homeowners to get tidying those man caves (!

Use Vertical Space Creatively

Whether you use your garage as a workshop or not, you are bound to have thousands of screws, bolts and handheld tools to store. To ensure that you are using your wall space as efficiently as possible, why not look into a pallet racking solution that makes use of your entire wall surface, from the bottom up to the ceiling? RackZone, based in Ireland, can provide you with bespoke or pre-owned pallet racking to suit your specific requirements (

Once you’ve successfully organised your garage, you’ll be thrilled not to have to jump into a scorching hot car again, or have to wash bird poo off of your paintwork!

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