How to optimise your commercial kitchen

Making your commercial kitchen work more efficiently can be a good way of running a more productive restaurant. Bad management, planning and financial accounting can all build up and eventually lead to restaurants closing if they’re not properly organised, so a well optimised kitchen can actually save you money in the end.

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Reduce waste

A certain degree of waste is an inevitable part of any restaurant, but there are ways in which you can reduce it. Conduct a waste audit before clearing plates ready for your commercial warewashers, to see which items are often left by customers and then adjust the menu to give customers more of what they want.

Organised storage

Having a well organised kitchen will enable staff to find items more quickly and be more productive. It’s helpful to have certain ingredients and equipment close to where they’re used, so that everything is within easy reach to speed things up.

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Buy new

Restaurants will often try to cut costs by keeping appliances that they’ve had for years, rather than investing in new. They might appear to be reliable, but they’re probably far less efficient than newer models, such as the commercial warewashers available from suppliers like, and they’re likely to cost more to run. One of the biggest appliances for wasting energy is the fridge and investing in a new one could see you recoup the initial cost within a year.

Well trained staff

Getting the most out of your kitchen also means getting the best from your staff and to achieve this, you’ll need to ensure they are properly trained. With research suggesting that more than 5,500 restaurants could go out of business within three years because of stagnant disposable incomes and inflation, it’s important to ensure that your staff are one of your best assets. Customers will appreciate waiting staff who understand the menu, can suggest items and who appear enthusiastic about their jobs.

Try out a takeaway menu

If you’re looking to boost customer numbers and increase revenue, providing a takeaway service can be a good idea. This won’t work for all outlets, but it can be particularly beneficial for the lunch period – where workers often want something quick that they can take back to the office. It keeps the kitchen operating productively, without having the cost of extra front of house staff.

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