How to make your home look antique

If you want to make your home look more elegant and vintage then there are many ways to incorporate antique items into your décor to achieve this effect. Making your home feel worn but cosy in a country cottage style is relatively easy with a few handy hints:

#1 Shutters and Fireplaces

Hanging shutters on walls can be used to frame artwork or placed alongside a fireplace next to other vintage decorations to give an authentic, country feel to the décor. If you have an old fireplace surround, this can be converted into a new headboard for the main bedroom to give a unique and stylish focal point to the room. Sanding it down, freshly painting it and decorating the mantel with picture frames, flowers and candles will give a stunning, period feel to your décor. Try contacting an architectural salvage firm if you want to get your hands on Antique Fireplaces Ireland. For more information, visit

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#2 Wooden Crates

Crates are a brilliant way to add an antique air to your home. Used as a table, mounted on walls to hold ornaments or books, cushioned to provide unique seating or a footstool, there are so many ways to incorporate wooden crates or pallets into the home. Secure several together to create a bespoke coffee table or unique storage ideas for towels, blankets or magazines.

#3 Aged Flooring

If you’re lucky enough to have wooden flooring then you can instantly create an aged look by whitewashing or staining. Rustic chic can be achieved by sanding down and painting with a clear coat of polyurethane which is great for showing off the grain in pine floors especially.

#4 Reclaimed Bricks

Picking up old salvaged bricks is a great way to create a rustic look for pathways, patios and even stairs. The eclectic mix of sizes, shapes and shades is what provides the old-fashioned look paired with the slight weathering from using reclaimed bricks.

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#5 Salvaged Doors

Do away with the modern standard and find a door with age and character. Many antique doors have been salvaged from old derelict properties, doors from country cottages for example. You’ll create a front door with immediate appeal, personality and welcoming your guests with classic rustic charm. This can be applied to any furniture you have. Find a new purpose for old windows, mantels and chairs which can be saved from the rubbish tip and repurposed for stunning vintage décor ideas.

#6 Vintage Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the easiest rooms to create that country cottage atmosphere. Think about installing an old cast iron free-standing bath tub, vintage taps, wooden crates to hold towels and a bowl sink on a cabinet, maybe with added dress skirting for real rustic charm.

#7 Go Natural

Period appeal is easily achieved when you put the focus on natural materials such as wood and stone. The decor doesn’t have to feel cold as great warmth can be achieved when using different woods and offers a strong contrast to the cooling nature of stone floors or exposed walls.

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