How to Get Your Family to Exercise Regularly

As a busy adult, you probably find yourself dealing with the challenges associated with balancing a full-time job, a daily commute, and the many obligations associated with running a household and raising a family. So finding the motivation and taking the time to exercise regularly could be akin to chasing rainbows and unicorns. But the truth is that you can set aside time in your busy schedule for exercise – after all, you find time to watch TV and surf the net, don’t you? And this prospect could be made easier by including your family. You naturally want to spend quality time with your partner and kids, and adding regular family exercise to the routine can help you to grow closer as a family, even as you improve the health of every family member. Here are just a few tips to get everyone on board. Visit for more tips.

A good place to start: lead by example. If you want your family to exercise regularly, you need to be a catalyst for change. And you can do this by setting aside the time to engage in physical fitness yourself. When you exhibit the benefits of regular exercise, including greater energy, improved slumber, weight loss, and improvements in your appearance and disposition, you can show your family members how much they stand to gain by getting on board with a fitness routine. And it will be more fun for everyone when you all do it together. You just might have to take those difficult first steps if you want to be a force for positive change in your family.

And naturally, you’ll want to try new things. You might like jogging in your neighborhood or on a treadmill. But this kind of exercise could be too difficult (high-impact) for your partner or too dull for your kids. So you should try all kinds of exercise options together, as a family, to find activities that everyone enjoys. Or if you can’t please all the people all the time, consider switching it up by participating in a variety of activities so that each family member has their choice of activity every so often.

You can also find ways to make exercise more fun. There’s more to physical fitness than using gym equipment. Consider joining classes or sports leagues in your area. Many locales have leagues for both children and adults. Although you might not all play together, at least you’ll all get regular exercise. Or you could simply purchase some sporting goods and head to the park for your own pickup game, a few innings of softball, or some time spent kicking the soccer ball around.

Of course, you also need to make fitness and family health your priorities. It’s all too easy to make excuses: too tired, too busy, too lazy. But it all amounts to the same thing – another night spent sitting on the couch, staring at the boob tube instead of getting to Fitness 19 or hitting the park to throw the old pigskin. So stop making excuses and start taking the time to exercise. When you commit to health and fitness, your efforts can benefit the whole family.

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