How to deter burglars

If you’ve ever experienced the trauma of break-in, whether it was your car or your home, you’ll understand how unpleasant it felt and you probably wondered why you’d been targeted. Did you wonder if you’d done anything wrong or were there ways you could have made your property more secure? Here are some tips for securing your property from ex-convicts who used to be burglars.

Get smart

Making your property and car smart offers you and your family great convenience but can also help to make it safer and a deterrent to burglars. Many ex-burglars said they would be deterred from targeting a smart home or cars. Thefts are mostly opportunistic, and no burglar wants to get caught up in a complicated break-in.


CCTV cameras are a large deterrent to would-be burglars. Despite burglars stating that they would avoid homes where there are cameras, only 14% of adults in the UK have CCTV installed on their properties. CCTV should be a top priority for all homeowners. In the unlikely event that you are a target, you’ll have valuable video evidence.

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Draw attention

It comes as no surprise that criminals don’t welcome attention. If you can create unwanted attention at the approach to your property, you have a higher chance of deterring crime. The worst sounds according to ex-convicts are car alarms and barking dogs.


Adequate lighting is a strong tool to have for home security, including motion-activated home lights and street lighting. Many homes still don’t have this kind of exterior motion-activated lighting. Take a good look at the lighting around your home. It can be as simple as leaving the TV on while you pop out as ex-convicts name this as a significant deterrent.

Windows and doors

New windows and doors that are strong uPVC with good locking mechanisms are another big deterrent to burglars. Whether you need window replacement from an Emergency Glaziers Leicester after a break-in or want to upgrade your windows to avoid becoming a target, consider Emergency Glaziers Leicester like N and U.

Staying safe

Surveys of homeowner behaviour found that more than half slept with a window open and almost a quarter of people leave their front door unlocked when at home. It’s important to keep windows closed and locked, as well as doors, whether you’re at home or not. Security doesn’t have to be expensive; it just needs to be clever and well-planned.

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Here is a lowdown of the top deterrents for home burglars:


Barking dog sound

Heavy, strong doors

A TV turned on

Locked uPVC windows

Cars on the drive

A property heavily overlooked

High surrounding fences

A gated property

Motion-activated lighting

The top deterrents for those looking to steal cars include:

CCTV cameras on the street

A car alarm

Good street lighting

Cars parked on the drive

A new car

Steering lock

An older vehicle

A neighbourhood watch area


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