How to Decorate Your Home With Mirrors

Mirrors can offer an amazing aesthetic element to your home – an element that is not only decorative, but also functional. Functional in the sense that you can use them to see how you are dressed before you leave the house, but also in the sense that they can make your home appear larger and more spacious. When decorating your home with mirrors, though, you want to make sure that you consider a number of factors. The last thing you want to do is simply throw a bunch of mirrors on the wall without forethought – you want to be methodical and you want to look at the whole thing from an interior designer’s perspective. Indeed, there are also a number of different types of mirrors – from straightforward mirrors that reflect back a reversed image and slightly reflective surfaces that are a cross between simple glass and mirrors. Here are some ways that you can decorate with mirrors.

  1. Place large mirrors in a den or a small living room – if you have a room that doesn’t have many windows, but you want to reflect the light in the best way possible, mirrors may be the best way to go. You can place large, floor to ceiling mirrors in panels that will make the room appear bigger, brighter and more enjoyable to be in.
  2. Place mirrors on your cabinets or drawers – these mirrors can be a great way to reflect light, but also to give a hint of luxury to your kitchen or bathroom. Indeed, you can either work with a company like Imaging Sciences to create specialized mirrors or you can get into the DIY spirit and install them yourself. There is a good chance that your existing cabinets already have the frames to place mirrors in a constructive and beautiful way. Indeed, this is a great way to instantly transform your bathroom.
  3. Place small mirrors on your bathroom wall instead of one large mirror – this can look really great in guest bathrooms where you don’t necessarily need a medicine cabinet. There are many companies that sell individual mirrors in a variety of shapes – all you have to do is put on some adhesive and then place the mirror. You can go with circles, traditional squares or rectangles, or even triangles – you can really get as creative as you want.
  4. Place large framed mirrors for your outdoor patio – this may seem incongruous to place a large indoor mirror outdoors, but that is exactly the point. Ideally, you don’t want mirrors that are too nice – you want to go for affordable thrift store mirrors that can take a beating from the elements. Moreover, these mirrors may start to look nicer with a little weather beating.
  5. Place one long mirror in your bedroom – it is important to have a floor to ceiling mirror in you bedroom or near the main bathroom, so that you can see exactly what you look like before you leave the house. All you have to do is place the mirror against the wall – it doesn’t need to be hung or installed in anyway to look great.

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