How to Choose the Right Music Venue for a Live Concert

If you or your band is trying to book a live show at a local venue, there are a few things you want to take into consideration before you make your decision. For example, you want to know if the vibe is right, if the stage is right, and you want to know how you’re going to get paid. Here is how to choose the right music venue for a live concert.

  1. Know your target audience. If you can clearly pinpoint the demographic of your audience, then you can get a good idea of what different venues they tend to frequent. If your audience is mostly middle-aged fans of country and bluegrass, you’re not going to want to hold a concert in the hottest new nightclub for Millennials. If you walk into a venue like Lafayette’s Music Room during prime show hours, you’ll want to take a look at the audience to be sure that they resemble your target audience.
  2. Make sure the venue is compatible with the vibe of the band. It’s important that the ambience within your chosen venue is in line with the vibe of your band. You don’t want to be playing in a dirty dive bar if what you play is lounge music. When people come to your show, they want to feel as though the place belongs to the band. They want to feel like the band and the venue are working together to create a cohesive ambience.
  3. Choose the right size. The last thing you want to do is book a show in a huge venue, only to fill up a quarter of the space. Of course, it’s not ideal if there’s not enough room for your large turnout either, but the latter situation is definitely a lot nicer on the ego. If your band has booked several shows in the past and has a pretty consistent turnout, then you want to choose a venue that will be perfectly sized for that number of people.
  4. Be sure to look into payment policies. Every venue will have a different payment policy. When it comes to younger bands, a lot of venues will try to get away with just giving the band an open bar tab. This is basically highway robbery. You want to be sure that the band is paid a fair percentage of the cover charge, and you want to be sure that you get your money that night. Whatever you do, never accept alcohol as a form of payment.
  5. Get a feel of the stage. Before you sign any contracts, you want to get a feel of the stage. You want to know that the entire band can fit on the stage. If you have a lead singer who likes to move around quite a bit, then you want to make sure there’s room for all the theatrics as well. If the band doesn’t feel at home, then the performance just won’t hit the mark. So you want to make sure that everything feels good.

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