How to build a healthy family relationship and strengthening emotional ties

It is essential that family members spend time together. Communication is the basis for building a healthy family relationship and strengthening emotional ties.

The family is the main and most important social circle that a person can have, so it is essential to carry out activities that promote good family life and, in addition, achieve a healthy emotional and cognitive development, since having a good relationship with our siblings and parents strengthens emotional ties and, above all, improves the self-esteem of family members.

Family relationships

In order to talk about family relationships, it must be taken into account what kind of link exists between its members. Today we often find families with detachment, that is, where none of their members is affected by what the other does or is not interested in what they do is right or wrong. This happens, in the great majority of cases, because it is what they have lived from generation to generation, that is, it is transmitted from parents to children and, therefore, it is very common to hear inside these homes: it touched me. “This does not mean that you cannot do anything for them, just enough that a member of the family wants to break those chains or ties with which they have lived all their lives.

Improve family relationships

Be interested in what each member of the family does, remembering that he deserves all the respect in the world, even if you do not share his way of thinking.

As difficult as the day may have been, we all want to go to rest with some words of affection.

Remind your children every day, your spouse, your parents, how much they are worth to you, how much you love them and, in case you have never told them these words, it’s time for you to do it, you will notice the positive effect they have on your life.

Help each other, in order to achieve more time together to foster that good relationship that all families are looking for.

Make family games: For example, table games help to have a nice time.

Make family games
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To practice some sport in the family (for example soccer or basketball) or to realize exercises together.

Try to have all the members of the family sit down to eat at the same time, in this way they will share more time with a delicious plate of food.

Carry out household chores in company.

Watch a movie together.

Celebrate achievements, whether family or individual and motivate each other to achieve goals. It is always very positive to congratulate and highlight those good things that fill us with satisfaction.

When there is a discussion avoids alterations, do not let them raise their voices because this can lead to bad words being pronounced that will complicate the situation.

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