How to be a great tenant

When you start college or university, you’ve got loads of things going on and lots to think about. For most people this also means being a tenant for the first time. While you hope for the perfect landlord, there are things that you can do as the tenant to make the experience a positive one for all involved. Here are some tips at how to be the perfect tenant so you can concentrate on having fun and focusing on your studies:

Paying rent on time

Everyone knows they should pay their rent on time and this is agreed on the contract before you move in. The amount and due date will have been agreed in advance and if you want good references and a smooth tenancy, ensure all payments are full and on time. A landlord will quickly tire of excuses and late payments. The best plan is to set up a direct debit that can be budgeted for each month to ensure you never miss a due date.

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Paying bills on time

Some arrangements include bills but if your bills are not included in the monthly payment, you will need to take care of council tax, gas, water, electricity, TV licence and telephone line. Direct debits ensure that every is taken care of regularly without you needing to worry about them each month. Whilst these might not affect your landlord directly, it will if you end up with arrears on the property.

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Clean and maintain the property

It’s very important to keep your room clean and other amenities you have access to. Don’t cause any damage, wilful or otherwise. If you do, be sure to rectify it or you might find you lose your deposit at the end of the tenancy. You are responsible for light maintenance such as changing bulbs. Don’t re-decorate or hang things on the walls without receiving prior permission. Regular house inspections are likely to be a part of the contract, so you won’t be able to hide problems for long. A regular cleaning rota and keeping on top of maintenance will ensure a smooth-running tenancy. Be sure to check out the excellent range of Gloucester student accommodation

General wear and tear is the landlord’s responsibility, but any breakages and/or damage caused by the tenant is their responsibility. If an object needs repairing from wear and tear, let your landlord know as soon as possible.

Respect your neighbours

Not only do you have to live next door to these people, but you also don’t want them constantly complaining to your landlord about you. Occasional noise is to be expected but don’t blast out loud music at all hours. If you’re planning a party, try to stick to weekends and pre-warn your neighbours in advance. Be mindful of where you leave your rubbish and never obstruct common access areas.

Reasonable access

A landlord must inform you and ask permission to enter the property once you are in residence but in return, you should be reasonable with access. This also applies to contractors who might need to access the property to carry out repairs, maintenance, decorating or annual safety checks.

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