How Smart Technology Will Transform Our Homes

Technology has touched every aspect of our lives, including how we work, how we travel and how we communicate with each other. With the development of the Internet of Things (IoT) our homes are a focus for innovative technologies and they are transforming our lives. Here are some of the smart technologies transforming our homes.

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Home Assists

These devices are becoming commonplace in people’s homes. It’s not just about asking your device about playing your song or asking a question for your child’s homework. These devices are personal organisers. You can plan your shopping and set alerts. As the technology evolves it is expected that usage will expand exponentially. The technology will be using voice recognition for security purposes to unlock your doors and interact with cameras and speakers to talk to any visitor at your front door.

Home Security

This is becoming a major growth area for technology. Security and surveillance are simple with the right technology. You could use a Robodog that will bark at intruders and take footage of any suspicious activity. Easier to look after than a real dog, this device is sure to replace the traditional barking alarms! For those with larger properties to look after, drones will be available to survey the area and record.

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No UK home automation system will be complete without a smart alarm system. Enabled via a smart phone app, it will enable you to control your doors. While this may not be appealing to some, it has a very important function as it alerts you when someone if trying to enter your home. Investing in a UK home automation system through a company such as Digital Interiors are designers of home automation systems will ensure you have the best smart technology to protect your home.

Environmental Advantages

For those who worry about the environment there are apps available to help you control your carbon footprint. Smart fridge apps monitor use-by dates and remind you to top up when you are running out of something. Smart bins will also monitor what you are disposing.

As well as these you can control your heating better to make sure that you are using as little as possible, adjusting when you are out and about. Lighting can also be controlled remotely, as can your curtains and blinds.

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