How often should a business re-do its website?

There is no optimum length of time in between refreshments to your website. The decision should be based purely upon factors affecting the business, such as goals, objectives and financial considerations. Here is more information to help you to decide whether and when to update, reengineer or redesign your website in the future.

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The benefits of redesigning a website

Redesigning your website is worth considering if you have just rebranded, if your visitor bounce rates are high, your customers complain about its functionality or your business has naturally outgrown its existing website. Any changes to your colour scheme or logo design should be reflected instantly in your online presence, including the website and any linked profiles on social media or professional networks. You can find tips on brand continuity at

Reasons you may need to consider reengineering your website

If your website is old, it is unlikely to have the technology required to adapt to a mobile device screen, and this could result in losing customers. In this modern world, most people opt to use mobile phones or tablets to make online purchases as opposed to a desktop. Similarly, if your website uses Flash, you may be aware that devices from one of the most popular mobile device manufacturers on the market today, Apple, do not support this application. Those in the industry also say that it is quite slow.

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Should customers be involved in the redesign of your website?

Customer feedback is the best kind of input you can ask for. Although you might have ideas about how you’d like the design to look and feel, your customers can give you great insight into what converts visitors of the site into paying or subscribing customers. If you need assistance executing these up-to-date features, why not contact a professional like London SEO agency Elevate UK at ( Once you’ve taken their views into account, ask your audience to provide further comments to ensure all of their concerns are addressed.

You don’t want to be starting over with your website again and again because it is just going to cause confusion for your customers. You should be aiming to evolve your website to adapt to the times and make subtle changes as and when required to keep enhancing the user experience.

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