How is Brexit affecting small businesses?

The 29th of March is the date set for leaving the European Union. Many of us are wondering how this change will affect our jobs, who we can recruit and whether our businesses will take a financial hit. Although nobody can see into the future, there are a few points we can examine to prepare ourselves for what is next.

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Brexit will end free-movement and tighten up immigration rules. This can have a devastating effect on the businesses who employ low- skilled staff. In terms of being employed, many see this as an absolute positive as it will give jobs ‘back’ to the British people. There is evidence to suggest that European workers have already been put off coming to work in the UK from as early as 2016. Numbers of migrants have reduced and businesses are feeling the squeeze.

To help businesses from losing too many of these employees, the Government is introducing a short-term solution. This proposal will allow low-skilled migrants to work in this country on a twelve- month visa. The government is also scrapping the current limitation on how many high-skilled migrants can work in the country. These proposals, if put into action, will go a long way to bridge the gap on declining numbers of migrants working in the country. The Home Office provides updated information on their website,

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A more productive workplace

In the meantime, small businesses can take steps to make their current workload more efficient. Companies are having to think outside the box to ensure that their operations still run smoothly. By using PDF to Excel software, small businesses can free up much-needed hours, especially if they are working with less staff than usual. With this software, it is simple to convert a PDF to Excel spreadsheet. Businesses are having to take as many actions as they can to make the time that they spend at work more productive. PDF to Excel software means that you do not have to manually convert every entry, freeing up time for more important tasks.

Leaving the EU is one of the biggest changes to happen to the UK in recent times. Businesses of all sizes are feeling the strain and having to devise ways to cope with the current economic changes.


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