Having good relations with the family strengthens us

Family relationships are often a great source of support, but on many occasions, they are complicated and cause difficult situations that cloud our lives.

When you can no longer establish the emotional ties that you want, relationships between different members of a family can become a serious and worrisome problem.

For many parents, the bad relationships they have with their children, the constant fights between siblings, the desire of some members to be absent from home and the constant fights between couples, are a reason for psychological consultation.

It is important to emphasize that healthy relationships with other people bring us health, well-being, quality of life, tranquility while strengthening our self-esteem. In the same way, having good relations with the family strengthens us, makes us feel more secure and gives us the peace of mind of doing things well. When we feel that we are not doing something for a loved one, we begin to feel confused and confronted.

4 tips are given below:

  1. Realistic expectations: Accept the other person as he or she is, without pretending to behave in the way we want. Each one of us is different, just as the popular phrase says: each head is a world. When we base our relationships trying to make the other one as I think it should be, we are nullifying the identity of that other person. Acceptance is the first principle to build healthy relationships, based on respect.
  2. Good communication: Be when you have to be, show interest, listen and be generous sharing your personal experiences and opinions. Good family relationships are developed and strengthened through assertive communication. That is positive, clear, direct, continuous, enriching. A communication that does not intend to impose or convince, that discloses not only ideas but also emotions and moods.

    Good communication
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  3. Quality of time: Take the necessary time. Relationships “grow”. Over time people know each other better and increase the trust between them, but each one goes at their own pace. The fact of belonging to a family for a long time, in addition to the degree of daily intimacy that we enjoy with it, seems to be a guarantee of harmonious and stable relationships among all its members, but the reality is different. We have to work seriously to maintain special moments and family traditions. The normal calendar brings many historical, commemorative and even commercial dates; if we wish we could put in each of them our personal stamp, or what is better, we could take initiatives to create special moments full of significant details that are engraved in their hearts. It is also advisable not to abandon the traditions that have been maintained since before.
  4. Flexibility Relationships: People change and we cannot expect someone to behave or react in the way we prefer. And relationships also change; do not pretend that they are the way they were at the beginning, now we can build better relationships. We must be clear that we want to improve relationships, dedicate the time and love that is needed. It is not something that happens overnight, but it can be improved. We can improve all relationships and we can start changing ourselves.

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