Good Job Options for Skilled Auto Mechanics

Are you a skilled auto mechanic with years of experience, a versatile base of car knowledge, and a strong ability to learn new skills? If so, you may be interested in knowing how to use these assets to explore new job opportunities and add valuable experience to your resume. Most people imagine that an auto mechanic’s abilities lie solely in the garage, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Successful auto mechanics must have excellent people skills in order to develop the trust of their customers and efficiently troubleshoot car problems. There are also a number of ways that they can take their keen mechanical and electrical skills out of the garage and into more exciting venues. Here is a list of good job options for skilled auto mechanics.

  1. Pit stop crew. If you have an incredible knack for changing tires in a snap and performing minor tune-ups that make major differences, you could be an excellent pit stop crew member. What could be more exciting than working with a small crew of highly talented mechanics while some of the most daring drivers zoom by at 240 miles per hour?
  2. Entertainment industry. If you love the excitement of being on a movie or television production set, you may want to look into maintaining the cars that are used on screen. From the high performance cars used in movies like the Fast and the Furious to the mini vans used in primetime commercials, there are always projects that require automotive professionals to be on and off set throughout the filming process. Who knows, you may even meet a famous people!
  3. Personal mechanic. From Jerry Seinfeld, to Jay Leno, to Missy Elliott, there is a wide host of celebrities (and other exorbitantly wealthy people) who are avid car collectors. And think about it, if you had that many cars, would you be taking them all to different mechanics, or would you be in search of a small team of mechanics to maintain your most prized possessions? Most people would prefer the latter, as do most celebrities. If you’ve got the skills to pay the bills, your paychecks and work environment should reflect it.
  4. Flight mechanic. Do you like to travel? Do you love airplanes? Then maybe you’d like to step out of the garage and onto the tarmac. If you’re a fast learner, you could use the knowledge that you’ve accrued over the years about cars and apply those skills to airplanes. Plus, depending on the airline, you can get great deals on flights and visit places you’ve never even dreamed of.

In the end, there are a ton of different ways that you can take your work out of the gas station garage and into a more inspiring venue – you just have to be tactful and creative. You can search through dozens of auto jobs on to find the positions that suit your particular talents. If you feel confident that your skill set would make you an asset to a wide range of employers, then why not explore the field a little bit and discover where your skills can take you?

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