Four Tips for Relaxing Before Bedtime

Do you have trouble falling asleep even after pulling up your favorite soft quilt and turning off the lights for the night? If so, you may need to work on relaxing before you get into bed. Some individuals find Sleep Support by looking to a resource like Accutrition. Look at four other simple tips to help you relax so you can fall asleep more quickly at night.

Listen to Soothing Music

Listening to soothing music can calm your nerves and slow your heart rate especially after a long, hard day at work. Maybe you love classical music or perhaps you have a favorite jazz artist you listen to. Choose the music you love, but make sure it has a soft, flowing tone that eases your nerves before bedtime. These types of tunes can stir up pleasant memories which can also help you to relax.

Watch a Funny Movie

Watching a funny movie may seem like it would get your blood flowing. But, laughing can be a great way to let out the stress after a rough day. Your stomach muscles relax, along with your shoulders and even your facial muscles. This can contribute to a peaceful mood as you climb into bed for a good night’s sleep. You may chuckle a time or two about the movie, but that is much better than lying awake for hours without any hope of calming down.

Write in a Journal

Sometimes getting your feelings out on the pages of a journal can serve to soothe your nerves before bed. If you had a particularly stressful day at work or school, you can release those feelings through your writing. Think of your journal as a dumping ground for negative feelings so you don’t have to carry them along with you. Keeping a journal next to your bed along with a pen or pencil, makes it even more convenient to vent those stressful feelings, then call it a day.

Drink Some Decaffeinated Tea

There are some types of tea specially made to relax you. Lavender tea is one example of a soothing tea. Vanilla is another example. The fragrance has a relaxing effect on the brain and this helps you get in the right state of mind to fall asleep. Sip the tea and think calming thoughts about an hour or so before bedtime. This can really help you to wind down.

Lastly, planning for the hours before bedtime can help you get to sleep more easily. These are just a few simple tips to try. It’s important to find what works for you. Getting the proper amount of sleep affects all areas of your life.

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