Former Royal Navy Oil Farm Has New Owner

Another development on the Clyde River is set to bring new life and vigour back to the area. The brownfield site, which was once an oil farm belonging to the Royal Navy, was damaged during the Blitz but has been purchased by a company called the Malin Group with the intention of bringing high-quality building and technology projects to the riverside.

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Proud Heritage

The River Clyde is the second longest in Scotland and has rich history, particularly in ship building. To learn more about its past, see this report from The Telegraph.

The former oil farm, known as Carless Oil Depot, was an oil refinery between 1918 and 1922. Located on the Clyde’s north bank and upriver from the Erskine Bridge, the former depot encompasses 47 acres.

Maritime Excellence

The Malin Group have been involved in shipping for more than a century and hope to invest in the Clyde’s future as a centre of the highest standards for maritime activities. The group plan to construct a technology hub that will incorporate facilities for research, manufacturing, design, development of skills, logistics and marine operations supported by easy access to the Clyde’s deep channels.

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Developing Business

Malin hope to bring more business and activity to the area and have praised companies such as Ferguson Marine and BAE Systems for investing in the Clyde and fostering new business there. As the site has been used for industry, it was felt that it was better suited to a new industrial use rather than commercial or housing purposes. Remediation will be necessary before it can be fully developed.

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Malin’s plans have been acclaimed as visionary, and it is believed that the venture is an ambitious one that could have a significant positive impact on the area. Representatives from Scottish Enterprise have praised the plans to invigorate the former oil depot and said that they look forward to working with the Malin Group to help revitalise the Clyde area and bring a number of other benefits to Scotland.

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