Only Fools and Horse remembered

The site of a Chandelier smashing to the ground whilst a horrified Del and Rodney look on with a tarpaulin ready to catch the wrong on has been consistently voted and considered to be the finest moment in British sit com history. Luckily if you’re on the lookout for some Chandeliers UK based companies, then you don’t need Trotters Independent Traders but try where you’ll get a more professional service and choice. Let’s have a look at the Trotters though.

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Only Fools and horse started in the early 80’s and was written by John Sullivan. He was enamoured with the small time slightly dodgy traders that he saw in London Markets such as the Portbello Raod or in Camden Lock.  The show centred around 2 brothers and their Grandad living in a high rise flat in Peckham South London. This is not the fashionable end of London and the brothers must use their wits and charm to get through life supporting each other and their Grandad. Unfortunately, the Brothers are not the brightest or more correctly the luckiest of people and at many times their plans are thwarted or backfire on them. They keep a happy positive approach though and constantly remind each other that “this time next year will be Millionaires!”.  What is apparent is the huge love they have for each other.

When Del has the opportunity to go and work in Australia and to start a new life he declines when he finds out that Rodney cannot go as he has a caution on his record. He also takes a beating for Rodney so that he can get married to his love Cassandra. It also becomes clear that Del has turned down love and marriage to take care of his little brother sacrificing his own happiness several times. Rodney for his part is fiercely protective of his older brother and both are devoted to their Grandad and later Uncle Albert taking on his care when he is deserted by relatives at the Grandad’s funeral.

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The strong performances by David Jason, Nicolas Lyndhurst and Lennard Pearce as Granddad and Buster Merryfield as Uncle Albert helped to emphasis the very excellent comedy writing by Sullivan. They brought a gravitas to the roles that elevated it above the simple sit com format. The secret to the show’s success was that you cared for them and wanted them to do well. When the brothers did finally become millionaires, through a fluke of owning a rare maritime watch, it was the to be the highest ever Sitcom audience ever record and maintains that to this day.

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