Five talent management predictions for 2019

Talent management is a hot topic. The challenges of recruiting, retaining and nurturing talent are changing and growing all the time. As the pool of talent gets bigger, but more specialised, and the demand for flexible working increases, it’s the individual employees who are in the driving seat and the employers who need to adapt. As a result, those in charge with managing talent will need to act as part-enabler, (helping employee’s talent thrive) and part-disrupter (being able to push boundaries to adapt). With this in mind, we take a look at five talent management trend predictions.

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More investment in leadership

Managing people isn’t easy, especially managing talent, and as a result, we will see increased investment in ‘leadership’. This means more money spent on training managers to be leaders that effectively retain and recruit as well as training future leaders.

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A change to job ads

In order to find the best talent, there needs to be a major shift in the way that jobs are advertised. As a result, we can expect to see an increase in ads which are punchier; aimed at finding the people with the right attitude rather than a long list of roles and responsibilities.

Collaborative leadership

When it comes to leadership, there is no scientific winning approach. People-management is a qualitative art, not a quantitative activity. The best way forward is for groups of leaders to work collaboratively, sharing ideas, dreams, plans and successes with one another.

Scrum master training

The term ‘scrum master’ refers to a leader who can effectively handle the ‘scrum’ of talented employees who have different needs and skills. A good scrum master can allow each talented individual the space for personal growth whilst maintaining a successful collaborative outcome. This quality leadership training is in high demand and those looking for the most dynamic scrum master training Dublin has to offer should contact for more information.

A better look at AI

AI is being used more than ever in the world of HR. Companies really need to think about whether they should be replacing human hearts with artificial minds when it comes to recruiting and managing talent.

From scrum management to collaborative leadership, it’s worth your company staying ahead of the curve when it comes to holding onto and nurturing top talent.

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