Five reasons why you need a PA

Personal assistants (PAs) can help to streamline tasks and free you up to concentrate on your business. Here are five reasons why a personal assistant is a must.

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1 Keep on schedule

If you have calls and meetings every day that are difficult to keep up with, you need to employ a PA to help you out with scheduling – you can touch base with your assistant every morning and evening to keep up with what is happening.

Some entrepreneurs use paper planners or calendars, but it’s safer to trust another person. Your PA won’t forget meetings with possibly lucrative clients or see you arrive late at functions.

2 Delegate smaller tasks

Delegation is a boon for entrepreneurs. It can be hard to relinquish control at first, but as your business grows you need to trust others to do meaningful duties.

You need a PA to deal with things that could interrupt your flow. If attending a conference overseas, you might get your PA to pick up your dry-cleaned suits, check you into your flight, liaise with your hotel overseas and get the details you’ll need for confident networking. All you need to do is turn up!

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To engage virtual PA services you might contact

The reasons to hire a PA are listed here

3 Balance the personal and professional

PAs allow you to strike a work/life balance. If you’re growing an empire, you don’t want your family life to suffer. Your PA can remind you of important family dates, and may even arrange presents for your family members. This way, you can enjoy an entrepreneurial lifestyle but still come back to a happy home.

4 Invest in yourself

You should see a PA as a sound investment rather than an added cost. By spending on a PA, you can delegate hours of menial tasks, freeing you up to devote more time to business growth. You will swiftly recoup the costs of hiring a personal assistant.

5 Like another you

Eventually, your PA will get to know how you act and think – how you have your coffee, and when you like it. Having someone who thinks alike makes for double the productivity. Your PA might even be able to write memos, information and emails in your own voice.

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