Fire Safety Is Good Business Practice

Making sure people living in blocks of flats are safe is a key concern, especially in regards to fire safety. Bristol Automist installers and others can help housing associations, universities, councils and private households by installing specialist equipment to detect and put out fires. Visit here for more tips.
Dwellings with multiple occupants such as sheltered accommodation, student accommodation or homeless shelters need to comply with regulations concerning fire safety.

There are many rules and regulations covering fire safety to make sure members of the public and employees are not put at unnecessary risk, such as installing fire doors, fire escapes, alarms or sprinkler systems.

Weighing up the Risks of a Fire

Each dwelling needs to have a person in charge of fire safety who will make sure that the equipment is up-to-date, carry out fire drills and risk assessment.

Risk assessment involves identifying the hazards and people at risk plus finding ways of removing or reducing the risks.

According to a recent report published on Gov.UK, you also need to consider where the emergency exits are and how to get to them, set up an evacuation plan in case of fire, train staff, and install fire detection and warning systems as well as fire-fighting equipment.

Finding the Right Fire Equipment

Fire-fighting equipment can include many types of extinguishers or sprinklers. The problem with sprinklers is that they can cause a lot of water damage so an alternative is to install a system such as Automist which sprays a dense mist of water over a fire if the heat sensor has been set off.

These systems are often being utilised in larger houses that have been converted into flats or homes which have had walls between rooms knocked through to provide open-plan living space.

It is also suitable for putting out chip-pan and grease fires, which are still a major cause of domestic kitchen fires – one that firefighters continue to remind members of the public not to try and combat with water as they would other non-electrical fires – according to a report by The Guardian.

Bristol Automist installer Mainpoint or other firms nationwide can offer advice and install the systems for your premises.

The consequences of not having adequate fire protection can be very grave and requires careful consideration to protect lives.


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