Fighting the cruel sport of Bullfighting

Bullfighting is an old tradition originating in Spain which is where it is still widely practised. It varies in how it is performed, but the general idea of a bullfight is for humans to fight a bull for the entertainment of a crowd. The Pamplona bull run is a famous variation of this which, instead of being performed in a ring or arena, involves the public and the bulls actually running through the streets of Pamplona.

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In recent years this practise has attracted a lot of criticism from many as the practices come to light. Although they are old practices that many people feel should be allowed to happen as they are traditional, the bullfighting is undeniably a cruel sport.

A bullfight generally begins with a bull in an arena, approached by men on blindfolded horse who attack the bull with spears – these are driven into the head of the bull which impairs the animal, before more men deliver harpoons into the animals back, rendering the bull weak and already losing a lot of blood. The well-known matador then enters the ring and attempts to kill the bull with a sword. If the matador fails, it is then that an executioner comes to stab the bull until it is dead.

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This is practised all over Spain, and it is obvious why it has attracted so much criticism. The Pamplona bull run is a similar example of this sport – an annual event known as the running of the bulls, the bulls are kept waiting in dark cramped enclosures. When they are released onto the streets in a disorientated state, they are prodded out with electric shocks. They are chased through the streets by a huge group of people and many injure themselves by running into walls in a panic or tripping over, breaking bones or even dying a slow and agonising death.

There are now many campaigns to stamp out this out-dated and inhumane sport, proving that hopefully, it will be banned altogether in the near future. It is possible of course to enjoy bull sports, just not with a live animal! Rodeo bull manufacturer is the perfect for having a good time without the animal cruelty. If you are travelling to any regions where bullfighting is still going on, don’t go to see one, as one of the arguments for keeping this sport going is for tourism reasons – so no tourists visiting means that the argument can’t be used!



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