Family Christmas Traditions that are The Best

So we all have our own little family traditions, some we grew up with and some we started up ourselves, see below for some popular festive traditions that you might already do, and some you might like to try yourself!

Decorating the Christmas Tree – Traditionally, this should be done 12 days before Christmas, but to be honest, you can put it up when you like! Make a real event of it and get the whole family involved – it is probably best to get it all out, get the lights untangled etc. the day before and check it is all still working, if not you can buy new. Get the children to make their own decorations and the tallest family member can put the star or the angel on the top!

Making a Gingerbread House – This one is fun during the making and of course during the eating! There a loads of great recipes around for gingerbread houses, but be creative and make up your own! Even if it falls to bits it will taste delicious and will give everyone a laugh as you share it out!

Decorating the Christmas Table – Like the tree, the Christmas dinner table is a really big part of Christmas – after all, it will host the best dinner of the year! Get the children to write out some festive name tags for all those sitting down to Christmas lunch, get a pretty tablecloth or make your own

Santa’s Visit – For children all over the world this is the most exciting visitor of the year! So make Santa feel welcome on Christmas Eve by putting out a glass of milk (or sherry!), a mince pie and a carrot for the reindeer, and don’t forget to put those stockings out at the end of the bed. Remember, he won’t come if you are not asleep, as the song goes, he knows when you’re awake!  Santa traditionally comes down the chimney so make sure you remove any logs, firs and anything else that could restrict his entry.  If this is your only form of heating in the house perhaps before it gets to close to christmas you could contact a Boiler Installation Cheltenham company found at options including to put in a new system to power your radiators.

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Christmas Films – There is nothing to get you more in the mood for Christmas than a Christmas film – so snuggle up around the television with some mince pies and make time amidst the madness for a family film. The Snowman and Father Christmas by Raymond Briggs are timeless classics, and Miracle on 34th Street is enough to make anyone believe in Santa. If it is comedy you want, go for Elf or Arthur Christmas – both are hilarious and very festive.



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