Factors to Consider When Purchasing Soccer Cleats

If you’re new to playing soccer, or if your child is just trying it out, you may be wondering exactly what you need to buy in order to get out on the field. And of course, the first thing you’re going to need is a good pair of cleats. Soccer cleats are extremely necessary if you want to play a game because they provide the players with enough traction to sprint hard and make split-second decisions with grace and agility. Without the right pair, you could be slipping and falling all over the place. If this is your first time buying soccer gear, here are some factors to consider when purchasing soccer cleats.

  1. Grass or turf. Before you can buy yourself a pair of cleats, you need to know what kind of a field you are playing on. Grass and turf are very different surfaces and they require different kinds of cleats. These days, more and more fields are switching from grass to turf because it is cheap, low maintenance, and not nearly as susceptible to changing weather conditions. In addition, there are some cleat companies that is starting to manufacture hybrid shoes that are ready to play on either surface.
  2. Bring your socks. When you go shopping for cleats, you’re going to want to bring the socks that you plan on playing in. These socks usually tend to be much thicker than regular socks. If you bring a thin pair of socks, the cleats may fit perfectly in the store, but they could feel too snug when you get into your uniform. If you have a child who is still growing, you may want to purchase cleats that are slightly too big and have him or her wear a pair of small socks in addition to the soccer socks until they become snugger.
  3. Weather conditions. If you are going to be playing on a grass field, you’re going to want to know how that field feels during different times of the year. If the field tends to be a bit soggy or muddy during the winter, then you’re going to want longer, pointier spikes on the bottom. This way your cleats can really dig in and stabilize you. If you are going to be playing on a more firm and dry field, then you will want the flatter, cone-shaped spikes.
  4. Color coordination. The main purposes you need to fulfill with your cleats are the ones regarding their function. However, once those are solved, you’re probably going to care a bit about how it all looks. You want your uniform to look well put together like you came there to win. That’s why you’ll want to be able to look for shin guards and other pads and accessories that work together aesthetically. You can shop through tons of soccer gear and wear at Golme and find everything you’re looking for in an instant. Now all you need to do is get dressed and go win!

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