What an eternity ring really means

Eternity rings have long been seen as the epitome of romantic displays. It beats out all other types of ring – and jewellery overall – in the symbolism behind the design. The diamonds repeating themselves all around the circular band represent a never-ending love, and is often used as an engagement or wedding ring. Depending on the price and quality, they’re made of precious materials, usually diamonds, that continue the motif of everlasting love.

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A world of choice

Diamond eternity rings are the most popular to buy, since the near-indestructible nature of the diamond is the perfect symbol of infinite love. However, certain gems are used to represent important events, like a ruby ring for a ruby wedding anniversary. The buyer can also utilise birthstones and their meanings, particularly if it’s to celebrate the birth of a baby.

The choice isn’t just with the type of ring, either. Anybody can wear one. Man, woman, commoner or royal https://www.glamour.com/gallery/royal-engagement-rings. Again, it depends on the materials used to craft this piece of jewellery, but the ‘eternity’ style of ring can be bought or worn by anyone with something special to say.

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Websites like this one https://www.comparethediamond.com/diamond-eternity-rings can be perfect for helping to choose the best ring.

The true meaning

These special rings are reserved for the most important moments in a couple’s relationship. The gift-giver might be tempted to whip out this ring on Valentine’s Day or a particularly lovely date night, but this could sometimes be seen as overly extravagant.

The best time to give an eternity ring is perhaps on a wedding day, or to commemorate an anniversary, or the birth of a child together. Reserving the act of giving an eternity ring for these specific occasions avoids cheapening it, and it stays the same symbol of important moments in a couple’s life.

The fact that it is such a rare and precious gift means that it is often well looked after, and passed down from generation to generation within the family. This gives a new, more familial meaning to the word ‘eternity’ – since the ring is living beyond just the couple’s life. It lives through the whole family.

Eternity rings embody beauty, craftsmanship, and symbolism all at once – and it is the meaning that truly matters. Love, infinity, and your lifelong commitment.

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