Do it yourself: A pot hanging macrame

If you like doing things for yourself knit, crochet or petit point, surely you also like macrame. Many will remember small when we made bracelets with knots, for that it was already macramé, so it cannot be very difficult. The technique involves making decorative knots intertwining, hands, wires or ropes with knots of varying complexity.

do-it-yourself-a-pot-hanging-macrameThe basic macramé has many knots, up to 50 different, among which the flat knot and the cote knot, creating borders or braids that can help us to decorate bags or fabric, flower pots, lamps, wall hangings, curtains and everything you can think of and in that sense is the latest proposal by we are Knitters.

Some so- called “knots” macrame are, for example: the chevron, the cob, diagonal, zig zag, the knot out, the simple knot, double braid, braid, flat knot, endless knot, knot spiral, knot four etc. With so much name knot and can be difficult to decide on one to begin with, so We Are Knitters recommended to start with something simple and fashionable such as flower pots hanging macrame.

That the firm proposes a kit that includes the clew aldogón Pima color you choose, 4 wooden beads for decoration and wooden ring to hold the work and get such a great as the photos of this article result. On the website of the brand there are video tutorials to learn to do all the knots. What are you saying? Are you urge one?

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