Do I really need life insurance?

Are you concerned about the financial burden that the death of one person can have on the rest of the family? The financial product that can help cover these costs is a life insurance, the perfect safeguard against a situation of economic hardship.

The death stands in the West as a sensitive issue that nobody wants to talk. Possibly the fear of leaving this world or the uncertainty of what is involved in this process which leads us to ignore this issue throughout life not really knowing how to react when the time comes. The void left by the related person in our lives is one of the workhorses of the family to be facing to overcome their stage of mourning.

However, when this personal loss, adds stress generated by the economic burdens left by the deceased as may be the funeral expenses, subsistence or housing debts, concerns are rising.

Why hire a life insurance?

In these cases, a life insurance comes as our best ally, in case of death, people see our charge is not mired in despair at not knowing how to deal with this kind of ballast. By simple signing of the contract with the insurance company where you have deposited your confidence, that company shall deliver to the beneficiaries listed by you, a certain amount of money.

Although, as I mentioned in previous lines, death is a topic somewhat delicate in our society, it is true that need proper advice on the matter and determine from among all existing offers what is the best coverage we can offer.

From the 30 or 35 years, the economic responsibilities often increase considerably, not to mention that probably will have a family at our expense. It is precisely now, experts estimate when we should consider hiring a life insurance. In the event that we are not insured, you must not forget that all debts, either in the form of mortgage or pay outstanding loans, will fall on the rest of our family members.

In very many occasions when we signed a mortgage, usually we employ both a life insurance policy. In this way, in case of death or disability, we will ensure that all debt with the bank concerned has been fully repaid.

Beyond these life insurance linked to mortgage or personal loans, we can run into other arrangements may contract at any time, covering permanent and total disability, in addition to the death. We refer to the so-called “free” life insurance . Access to a second medical opinion or the preparation of the will included in the price are some of the variations of this type of insurance.

Depending on the insurance and financial product we’re talking, we can keep our insurance until 60 or 65 years. Experts recommend us to guarantee an amount equivalent to three years’ gross salary minimum. Subsequently, depending on what our needs, this equity can be increased by training expenses for our children, habitual use of the card or outstanding debts. to know more like this stuff.

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