Different chairs that we use in our lifetime

It is quite amazing just how many different types of chair we will sit on through our lives.

We have compiled a list of some of the most important ones and when we might have used them.  Once you have read this list you may find yourself noticing the design and comfort of your chairs more.

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Ok so if we are going to do a list of what chairs we sit on we should start right at the beginning of our lives when we were babies/toddlers.  As a little tot we are unable to sit up properly and hold our body correctly and safely so we are put in a highchair.  This allows us to be higher and closer to the table and strapped in.

Next we have a car seat – In the car we really need to think highly about safety so we get car seats that are strapped and most of them turn to face the back or the front. As we got older we then move on to booster seats and then to just a seat belt.

School chairs –  These are normally quite uncomfortable and made of plastic but as children we don’t seem to mind.  They are probably quite good for posture and keep us sitting in one place which is important when there are hundreds of children to look after.

Then we should look at the average sofa in our home setting.  This is one of those seats we spend a large portion of time on so it needs to be comfy, soft and large enough for everyone.  Some people opt for recliners, leather or even sofa beds which pull out for a quick nap.

Then off course we get to work Operator Chairs that make up a large portion of your day so they also need to be comfy, accessible, adaptable and adjustable.  The best thing to do is contact specialist companies to see the selection you can get for example Best Buy Office Chairs.

As we get to be older and become grandparents we may look to getting chairs that can lift, recline and even heat up to keep us cosy and warm.  Some chairs will literally do it all for us lifting so high to help us stand.  The same with some beds that can almost turn into chairs.

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