How to design your website to engage millennials

Millennials are not always an easy group to define, but they’re vital to attract to your website if you want to grow your visitor numbers. Making your website millennial-friendly will only become more important over time. So how can this be achieved?

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Create good, shareable content

Millennials will not respond well to being presented with a wall of text when searching for information on your site. Think short, snappy paragraphs with headers and clear calls to action, ideally supported by video content, infographics, podcasts and other more up to date ways of sharing ideas. Speaking of sharing, you should ensure that everything on your site is easy to share via all of the major social networks, as millennials are far more likely to pass on things they like to their friends.

Make your website easily accessible

Start from a technology point of view, as millennials have grown up alongside the internet. Facebook has likely been a part of their lives for at least a decade, and they are used to trying out new sites and apps, and are very picky about the ones they continue to use. When it comes to your website, they will expect a seamless experience. Make sure to keep load times down as much as possible (make sure uploaded images are optimised) and that you’re not following out of date web practices. That inescapable Flash-based loading screen they have to sit through before getting to your front page may have been amusing five years ago, but it’s a total turn off now.

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Build for mobile

Chances are most of your millennial customers will visit your site through a mobile device (98% of US millennials have smartphones. You should ensure, or make sure your designer ensures, that they receive the same smooth experience that they will get on a desktop. If you’re not sure how to go about this, look for a company that does, like, which offers web design in Reading.

And finally…

If you want to know whether your website is engaging to millennials, make sure you ask them. At the very least, use something like Google analytics to estimate the age of your audience, and then work out if those under 35 are staying on your site long term, or leaving as soon as they arrive.

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