Dealing with Noisy Neighbours in Your Block

Personalities Affect Noise

We are not all alike – some people like partying and inviting friends around, while others prefer peace and quiet. Living at close quarters can mean that common noises such as music, DIY or screaming children cause misery for neighbours when they become excessive. If nothing is done, the problem can escalate, causing more stress and possibly sleepless nights and meaning sufferers can no longer enjoy their homes. Surprisingly, many noisy people are unaware of the discomfort they inflict on others.

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Talk to Your Neighbour

Before going to the police or your Environmental Health Department, it is important to speak to the noisy neighbour first. You may be nervous, but there is a good chance of success if the person is reasonable. Noise-makers can resent anonymous complaints made against them, and reporting the culprit may spark further misbehaviour. Very often a full and frank conversation can nip the problem in the bud – timing is all. For example, don’t go round while a party is in full swing. Wait until the next day, when your neighbour is less likely to see you as a killjoy. Generally speaking, it pays to wait a day or two for tempers to dampen down.

Remain Calm

Even if you are highly stressed, be calm and polite. You could join with other neighbours who are also suffering, if appropriate: it can be more effective when householders put in a joint effort. Explain the effect of the noise on your household, and stay firm. Hopefully, the neighbour will be reasonable enough to admit their anti-social behaviour and make an effort to stop the noise. Most problems between neighbours can be resolved amongst the parties in this way.

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Taking a Complaint Further

You can contact your Block and Estate Management company to see if they can support your complaint. For example, see

You can report problems direct to your local council, and you can also notify the police.

Taking a complaint further makes sense if you have notoriously difficult neighbours or are worried about sparking a physical confrontation with a difficult personality. You should not feel your life is being made a misery by continuous noise pollution – no one has the right to cause ongoing noise and disruption in a communal dwelling, and your complaint will be taken seriously.

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