Data encryption on external drives, why should be mandatory in the company

It is not given due importance to the information handled within companies. Many times it is financial data, affecting not only our organization but also to customers. And although it is copied, it is synchronized and carried from one side to another on different devices. Let’s see why they should be mandatory in companies encrypting data on external drives.

And here we speak not only of the data extracted in an external USB drive or a hard drive, but also those that are stored in the cloud. It is true that in the latter case to enter access credentials would be required, but the fact remains that grace many of these discs in the cloud is in the file synchronization.

data-encryption-on-external-drives-why-should-be-mandatory-in-the-companyAnyone accessing a computer with a Dropbox can access the data of all our customers we have synchronized . Without restriction. Financial data, personal data, in many cases incriminating data that are transferred to the company based on the trust placed in it.

The same applies to external devices such as USB sticks or external drives. Enough that we forget the memory connected to another computer, you fall out of our pocket, etc. All confidential information would be accessible to anyone who finds memory. It is necessary to establish additional security measures.

Ideally in such cases it is to use devices incorporating hardware encryption. Its cost is greater and certainly have less storage space, but the data will be safe without penalizing the functionality provided to us these external devices to carry information from one place to another.

One last case I would not want to overlook is the backup for disaster recovery. By definition it is a copy that is stored outside the premises of the company and therefore must be protected, either by a password through an encrypted, etc. It is essential that in addition to meeting its goal of allowing us to recover data not pose a problem as regards the security and confidentiality of the data.

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