Creative Party Ideas for Your Child’s Next Birthday

Over the last few years children’s birthday parties have seemingly become a competitive sport, with bigger and better events showcased across social media to shame the parent who doesn’t go all out for their child.

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This also means the cost is rising too, with parents spending between £200 and £800 on average for a child’s party. But how do you put on a unique birthday party that kids will remember without breaking the bank?

Do It Yourself

Well, not quite, but some of it anyway. Most of us would recoil in horror at the thoughts of having a child’s party in the house given the associated mayhem and resulting detritus that would be left behind. But if you hire a venue, whether that is a church hall, sports centre or marquee, you can do a lot of the rest of it yourself.

If you’re looking for marquee hire in Kent, there are plenty of places to try, including these marquee hire experts in Kent. While a marquee might seem like a more expensive option than the village hall, you will have greater flexibility over the use of space and layout, for example.

Once your venue is sorted out, you can then start to think about food. Netmums has some creative ideas to help you out with your catering.

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So venue and food are sorted now for the main event, but how are you going to keep the little darlings entertained for two or three hours? If your children are aged between 5 and 9, you’ve probably already done a Frozen sing-along or Minion-themed party and are looking for something a bit different.

If the weather allows, why not create your own movie theatre in the garden, thus keeping the children out of the house? If you want to go all 1970s Grease about it, you could even make it a drive-through with children making their own cars from cardboard boxes before the event and food served during the film.

If you can’t rely on the sun shining or you don’t want the party at home, then you can do this in your marquee or village hall. Similarly, you could set up an assault course, art studio or rock n’ roll stage for the kids to get stuck into.

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