Common Wedding Dress Shopping Mistakes Brides Make

Shopping for a wedding dress can be an exciting process, but for many brides it is also a fairly stressful undertaking. Not only can the wedding gown be a major expense, which is enough to cause any bride to become frozen with indecision, but there is also a pervasive expectation that a bride will simply know, unequivocally, when she finds the perfect dress – a farfetched notion at best. Pile on top of that the pressure to look good on your wedding day, when everyone is watching and the photographer is taking pictures that will last the rest of your life. And don’t forget to add in the stress of listening to mothers, sisters, and bridesmaids all voicing their opinions on gowns. You might make all sorts of mistakes when it comes to shopping for a wedding gown with all of these pressures to contend with. But with a few simple guidelines to follow, you can avoid some of the biggest headaches.

A common mistake that many brides make is failing to plan appropriately, and there are several things you should do before you ever get to the bridal salon. One of the most important preparatory steps to take is setting your budget. You need to go in with both a soft and a firm budget. The soft budget is the number you tell your sales attendant at the bridal salon. It should be lower than your firm number because attendants will always bring you one or two gowns that exceed the budget you give them. This leaves you a little wiggle room to reach your firm budget without exceeding it. And it helps to show up with some idea of what you want to give your attendant some direction. Bring photos of dresses you love and notes of the features you prefer. Just keep an open mind – an experienced attendant will help you find a flattering dress even if it’s not exactly what you thought you were looking for.

You also need to plan early. Generally speaking, you should be prepared to place an order for your dress approximately six months in advance of your wedding date. This will give the manufacturer time to create and ship your dress while still leaving you enough time to have alterations done. Some brides wait too long and find that the dresses they prefer have no chance of making it on time. Don’t let this scenario befall you! Start shopping early and make appointments at any bridal salons you plan to visit. This will ensure an attendant is on hand to help you. And if you go during the day in the middle of the week, you’ll probably have unimpeded access to common area pedestals and mirrors (whereas you’ll be fighting other brides for space on the weekends).

Finally, you need to be careful about who you bring with you. The entourage for your wedding gown shopping could quickly get out of hand if you open it up to moms, sisters, bridesmaids, and other family members and friends. And the cacophony of opinions could leave you confused about what you want, especially if some of the people in your party are loud and insistent. Limiting your number to just a couple of loved ones (your mom, sister, and maid of honor, for example) can make the process a lot more fun and efficient. So think about pre-shopping the Allure Bridals collections online before heading to stores and then coming to your appointment prepared to find your dress in an expedient manner. The experience will be much more pleasant and productive when you plan accordingly. Visit for more wedding dress buying tips.

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