How to combat wedding stress

The pressure to make sure everyone has an amazing day can be extremely stressful. The sheer amount of organisation involved can turn into what feels like a full-time job. Co-ordinating all the vendors you’ve hired, listening to the demands of family members whilst go about your normal daily routines can all become a bit too overwhelming. The body reacts by increasing levels of the stress hormone. Here are some tips to keep you calm:

  1. Don’t agonise over the small details

People will remember the laughs and the fun, not how well the potatoes were cooked or whether you had a hair out of place. Don’t worry about the small details, these will go unnoticed. Choosing a stunning venue will provide the perfect distraction to any minor slip-ups in the wardrobe or hair department, a Gloucester Hotel Wedding Venue like

  1. Break up your problems into manageable pieces

Before organising anything, talk with your partner, family and friends about what sort of wedding you want and can afford. Ask for tips and advice. If things start to get too much, decide what is most important or urgent and deal with that first. Break it up into steps with a deadline for action. There are loads of incredibly useful online resources for wedding planning.

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  1. Define your budget

Be clear about what you can spend and allow yourself about 10% leeway for emergencies. Be bold – have the wedding you want. If you don’t like cake, don’t have one! Remember it’s your wedding and no one else’s. If you don’t want to bow to other people’s whims, don’t ask them for financial help. You might have to have a more modest affair, but at least it will be on your terms.

  1. Prevent family conflict

Family can be complex and complicated, especially when people are no longer together. If your chances of a blissful family reunion are slim, why not consider getting married very quietly and announcing it at a party afterwards? Alternatively get wed abroad. It will cost more but fewer people will attend and need catering for.

  1. Play down pre-wedding events

Don’t be drawn into elaborate dress fitting events or excessive hen and stag dos lasting all weekend. These activities all add to the cost of a wedding and even though your friends are too nice to admit it, they might find them an expense they could do without as well.

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  1. Delegate

If you try to make everything perfect and control every element, you’ll bound to feel the stress get to you at some point. You must learn to involve others and delegate where you can. Ask family, friends and your partner to take on anything you find stressful. This is also a great way to get some financial assistance too. For example, in-laws might be thrilled to be asked to source and pay for the cake.


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