5 clear signs that you have too high sugar

It is important to know how to detect that something happens in time. The body sends us five key signals that indicate that we suffer from this disease that affects 13.8% of adult Spaniards

The diabetes is one of the evils of contemporary society. Only in Spain, the number of affected reaches 5.3 million, according to the data of the European Diabetes Society. That is, 13.8% of Spaniards older than 18 years old have type 2 diabetes. In addition, the outlook for the future is even worse. Dr. Medha Munshi, director of the geriatric diabetes program and assistant professor of medicine at Harvard, says that by 2035 there will be 205 million more affected throughout Europe.

If left unchecked, this metabolic disease that occurs when blood sugar levels are very high can lead to serious complications such as heart disease, kidney damage, nerve involvement and vision loss.

One of the reasons that explain why so many people do not follow a treatment is because they simply do not know they have it because the symptoms caused by diabetes are discrete. These tend to appear gradually, so the patient may not realize that he is. We collect the five most common.

1) Do not stop peeing

high sugar

The increased urination is a telltale sign that your blood sugar level may be out of control. “When you have too much glucose or sugar in the bloodstream, your kidneys try to eliminate the extra through urine,” explains ‘Prevention’ Joel Fuhrman, author of the book ‘ The End of Diabetes ‘.

As a result, you end up going to the service more often than usual, even in the middle of the night. And since you’re losing a lot of fluid, you’re probably thirsty and have a dry mouth.

2) You are very thirstyhigh sugar

Peeing more often means that your body is getting rid of more water than usual, which “can put you at risk of dehydration.” This can leave you thirsty, even if you are drinking the same amount of water as usual. In addition, it is the whiting that bites its tail: the more you drink, the more you pee. It is the signs that you have too high sugar.

3) You are very tired

high sugar

Fatigue is a classic side effect of dehydration. So if you’re urinating more often and you’re thirstier than usual, you might find yourself weirdly tired, explains Elizabeth Halprin, director of the Joslin Diabetes Center in Boston.

You can be very exhausted without having done anything differently, even having slept the same hours as always.

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4) Your vision is blurredhigh sugar

The macula of the eye is a small part of the retina responsible for perceiving the detail of the things we see. But when glucose levels are too high, a fluid can seep into the eye, swelling it.

This increase in size affects the lens and makes it unable to focus properly. When that happens, your vision may be blurred and unclear, even if you are wearing glasses or contact lenses as usual.

5) Your gums bleedhigh sugar

The sugar bacteria affect the gums. It makes them red, swollen and more prone to bleed when you brush or floss. Normally, the body fights against the germs that cause the mouth infection. “But high sugar makes the mouth a much friendlier place for bacteria,” says Halprin. It is clear signs that you have too high sugar.

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