Choosing the right climbing frame to suit different ages

Installing a climbing frame in the garden is a popular way for parents to ensure their children get plenty of fresh air and exercise.


Climbing frames are the perfect way for children to play, climb and explore, improving their agility and building muscle strength.

Children of all ages love climbing frames, however, the majority of frames have been designed for younger children. By age 7 it might start to become more difficult to play in comfort and by 12, young people might be 5 ft or even taller!

Imagine the disappointment, for both you and your child, when you realise the beautiful new frame you so recently installed is already verging on being too small. And watching younger siblings have fun while being told you are too big is no fun at all.

Fear not, however, because it is possible to buy climbing frames which have been specifically designed to accommodate youngsters of all ages. These frames are large enough that even teenagers can enjoy them. Look for a climbing frame with a height of around five feet and if you want to include towers, you will want one of around six square feet. For those with limited garden space, consider enlisting the help of a professional installer to fit a modular frame.


It is important to choose a good quality climbing frame. It will need to last for many years and, of course, be safe for your little ones. Cheaper frames can begin to fall apart after just a short time, putting your child at risk. Pressure-treated timber frames are the way forward here. When researching climbing frames for older children, look for a frame which is strong enough to last, withstanding plenty of rough and tumble and with a ten-year guarantee against rot.


The best frames can even be personalised. Whether you include a swing, a slide or a set of monkey bars is up to you. Customising your climbing frame will maximise your child’s enjoyment. When choosing climbing frames for older children, look for a model which can be added to or changed over time as your child grows.

So whether your child is still a toddler, or approaching their teenage years, with the right climbing frame they can make the most of their play times.

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