Changing people’s lives in more ways than one

Travelling is a fabulous adventure for many people, providing a journey into the unknown and a chance to explore different cultures and meet new people.

Young people often take a gap year before or after university to travel to new countries, carry out voluntary work with disadvantaged people, or work on humanitarian projects around the world.

Changing peoples lives in more ways than one

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Older people who have taken early retirement often head abroad for an extended holiday or to join community or welfare projects.

Whatever the reason for travelling, it certainly does broaden the mind. Whether you choose to stay close to home or head around the world, discovering different ways of life is a real eye-opener.

Travel helps to overcome prejudices

A report in the Huffington Post says that travel is an antidote to prejudice, ignorance, and bigotry because it exposes us to different outlooks on life, religions, histories, and cultures.

There are plenty of good reasons to head for new horizons and seek new challenges.

Above all, going abroad can be a lot of fun. Travel companies are also making sure that we recognise the fun aspects of our journeys.

Some have mascots, such as Malcolm the Monster, who is sharing his travels and experiences on social media such as Facebook. Malcolm loves to move around and meet new people. He also loves to share his passion with the wider world in the hopes that others will catch the travel bug.

These mascots are great ways to engage people and encourage them to talk about their travel experiences.

Raising awareness through travel

Although travelling can open our eyes to new cultures, cuisine and people, sometimes it is a good idea to stop and think about the people who are not so fortunate. Perhaps these people live in countries we have visited, and we might be inspired to do something to help them.

Travel companies and travellers can put something back into different communities around the world.

For example, Monster Travel has selected People against Poverty as its chosen charity because it is committed to using direct action to alleviate poverty and suffering in the world. The travel group is also part of Business against Poverty, which helps to reduce international poverty.

Corporate sponsors of charities can have a huge impact by using their brand to create even more awareness of different organisations and the work they do to help others.

As an article in The Guardian states: “Businesses and charities can achieve more by working together to address social and environmental issues than by working alone.”

It is clear that everyone can benefit from travelling: the travellers themselves, the companies they conduct business with, the communities and people they meet, and the whole wide world through charity partnerships and raising awareness.

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