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Enjoy it while you can

The new Lexus commercial presents us with a rather depressing message – ‘Enjoy the thrill of driving, while you still can’. The promise or threat of self-driving cars (depending on how you feel about them) is a reality and won’t … read more

Some of the Best War Films Ever

War films have an important role to play in depicting war as it really is and educating people about the trials and tribulations of historical battles. War films can tell stories about many aspects of war from the military engagements … read more

Inspiration for Summer Salads

Salads are perfect for the summer, but they don’t have to be bland. With so many inspiring summer salad ideas at your fingertips, you could rustle up a delicious meal in minutes. Here are some suggestions to whet your appetite. … read more

Why Portable CMMs Are Right For Your Shop

Almost 15 years ago, Quality Magazine first reported on the rising market for portable measuring arms in the North American manufacturing sector. As the cost of portable arms went dramatically down, shops that had never used coordinate measuring machines could … read more