What were the best Oscar dresses of all time?

The Oscars, also known as the Academy Awards, are given out to artists and creatives within the film industry each year. First broadcast on the radio in 1930 and subsequently appearing on television every year since 1953, the lavish awards ceremony has become as famous for the fabulous designer gowns worn by the ladies as it is for the awards themselves.

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The public clamour for designer styles

Every year, designers and stylists rush to source or create the most stunning frocks imaginable. The red carpet is filled with fashion pundits, all clamouring to know the name of each creation’s design house. Dresses that catch the public’s attention can have a powerful effect on annual profits, so choosing the right celebrity to advertise their wares is an important task for the design teams.

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Meanwhile, clothing companies are eagerly standing by, pencils and sketchbooks at the ready, waiting to copy the most successful outfits and release them to an enthusiastic audience. Copies of the most popular styles can be available within days in some cases, as it’s crucial to catch the wave of excitement before it dissipates.

Copies of celebrity dresses are big business as fans rush to purchase similar designs in their hordes. Cheap and cheerful outfits that echo the latest design trends are big business, as a glance at the huge range of styles on offer at sites such as www.axparis.com/collections/celebrity-dresses shows.

Oscar red carpet winners

One Oscar winner who has appeared in just about every single list of the most stunning Oscar gowns is Julia Roberts. In 2001, she stepped onto the stage to receive the Best Actress statuette for her starring role in Erin Brockovich wearing a vintage couture Valentino black dress with white detailing. According to British Vogue, Valentino himself reported the evening as the absolute highlight of his career.

Audrey Hepburn remains the poster girl for the Academy Awards thanks to the dress that she wore when she collected her Best Actress statuette in 1954 for her starring role in Roman Holiday. Dressed in Givenchy, the simple yet elegant style of her dress was an instant hit.

Kate Winslet opted for old-school glamour in a red, Ben de Lisi show-stopper with shoulder detail for her 2002 nomination for Best Supporting Actress in Iris.

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