Our best advice for a baby’s room at the top!

Our best advice for a baby’s room at the top! Baby has not yet pointed the tip of his nose that must already tackle the layout of his room. Do not go headlong into the making of his little cozy nest! Choice of furniture, an arrangement of lighting, wall colors: all elements of the newborn’s room must be carefully selected so that the child can move in a most soothing and secure environment. ELLE Maison lists the essential tips to succeed in your first mission as great parents!


For the walls of the baby room, the rule is simple: we must focus on soft colors. Gray, powdery pink, white, beige or very light blue are hinting strongly recommended because they will not come to disturb the child. The atmosphere of the room must be lulled by colors that symbolize relaxation, rest, calm. Bright colors (red, yellow, orange) are therefore to be avoided or preferred by small touches only. You can, of course, give in to the temptation of a small decorative frieze, a wallpaper. Or a wall of a hue stronger in a corner of the room, away from the sleeping area. It is one of the best tips for baby’s room.


As for furniture, your priority to choose the light of the nursery will be to worry about its visual comfort. Again no question of attacking baby visually, we must promote natural light (a large window in the room will be a real plus) and reproduce this soft light by the presence of a yellow light that will not dazzle the infant. A small list of mistakes not to commit:

– Do not install a suspension just above the crib.

– Not to prefer appliques or spots that may interfere with the infant’s field of vision.

– Do not opt for dazzling light sources like some LEDs.

– Do not succumb to the charm of a beautiful mobile light or stars phosphorescent ceiling, it does not wake up, on the contrary, it is likely to scare.

The ideal light in the nursery will be in the form:

– A soft ceiling light.

– A small bedside lamp on the dresser, ideal for gentle awakenings in the morning.

– A lamp post near the changing table to have a sufficient light source when preparing baby.


In the baby room, the motto is simple: priority to comfortable furniture for the infant and convenient for parents. You will inevitably be tempted by beautiful furniture for your toddler, but you will soon realize that what matters is the comfort of your new inhabitant and not the tastes and colors that are dear to you!

Avoid the accumulation of imposing furniture in this room that must breathe at all costs. Forget the big practical yet cumbersome cabinets and the libraries to dispose of the toys. Prefer small furniture such as shelves, dressers, low furniture … It is one of the best tips for baby’s room.

>> THE BEDbaby's room

There are many very attractive models for their design and their different functionalities (suspended cradle, bed with an integrated chair for the parent, evolutive bed …) The most important criterion to be respected is to choose a bed where the baby will have the opportunity to see from all sides. The crib encircled bars is a classic that we can not do without. It is one of the best tips for baby’s room. Continue reading-Use Of Under Floor Heating With Engineered Wood Flooring

>> THE CHANGING TABLEbaby's room

Like the bed, the changing table must be chosen with care. It must be ultra practical (with plenty of storage) for you and comfortable (with a cushion and small safety edges) for him. It is one of the best tips for baby’s room.

>> THE DRESSERbaby's room

This is a classic: at birth, a baby will be very spoiled in layettes and parents will struggle to store all this laundry. The wardrobe of the newborn will not fit on a dresser, and yet it is the furniture most likely to come to dress the child’s room. Depending on the season, store the most used clothes in a dresser and the rest can be put in a small wardrobe in the infant’s room or in another room. It is one of the best tips for baby’s room.


Before the baby is born, get psychologically ready to put away toys and stuffed animals! Anything that is likely to drag on the floor and encroach on the space will take place in baskets, shelves or small low storage with lockers. It is one of the best tips for baby’s room.


Once the furniture has been purchased, install it thoughtfully in the room:

– The bed a little away from the door so that your child is not bothered by the noise.

– The changing table close to the dresser so as not to leave baby eyes if one urgently needs a garment on the dresser.

– An armchair near the bed of the infant will be a real plus, for him as for you. So when it is difficult to fall asleep you can rock it quietly in your arms near the bed.

–  Curtains on the windows to warm the atmosphere of the room and preserve baby sleep.


For the soil, there are two clans: pros carpet and antis. The first thing that it is more comfortable, it acts on the cozy character of the room. And especially that it lessens the sound of footsteps (a not insignificant detail when you have difficulty falling asleep his toddler!). The second clearly refuse the carpet because it is a real mite nest (crucial detail!) Not to mention the maintenance it requires. The perfect compromise seems to be a  parquet floor or a vinyl floor, both of which are easy to maintain. Finally, we advise you to add a carpet to accentuate the cozy touch in this little nest! Place this rug near the crib or in a corner of the room to define a specific place, such as a play area or reading. It is one of the best tips for baby’s room.

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