Benefits of wood floors

Home is the place where many of the most important moments of our lives take place. If we had a happy childhood, for example, the home in which we live that awakens those pleasant moments that last a lifetime.

It is for these reasons that in the construction of the home environment we want to offer our loved ones the best scenario to frame those moments that will be recorded forever. And the floor is an important factor in this goal especially for the smallest members of the family. It will be on that floor where your little ones will crawl and later use it for their imaginary adventures with toys and their most creative designs with colors on the floors and walls.

wood floors

A floor is literally the basis of family coexistence, so the choice of materials, textures, tones, and qualities are essential to offer the best experiences for our children.

From this perspective, these are some of the benefits obtained when selecting a cheap engineered wood:

Clean and hygienic

Wood floors due to their finish do not keep particles that could damage the health of people who coexist with them. Unlike carpets that require constant and thorough cleaning, wooden floors are safe and offer a healthy environment, because cleaning is very simple. This is especially important to avoid allergies, being a clean surface can be said to be free of allergens

Ideal for barefoot walking

There is no home for walking barefoot, a habit that connects us with the world and makes us healthier, as long as extreme temperatures are not suffered. Wood is always pleasant to contact, thermal in the cold and cool in the heat. Nothing will be bought from the experience of walking barefoot on a wooden floor. And the children will be able to play at their whim enjoying that organic and natural contact that the wooden floors offer.

Easy to clean

They do not have to be carved, nor do they have to vacuum several times, they do not require any special treatment. It is enough to pass an almost dry mop to keep the wood floors in their original quality for several years


One of the most controversial points when talking about the use of wood for human purposes is the fact that trees are knocked down for their manufacture. Although this is true in a strict sense, the environmental damage required by the manufacture of other types of floors tends to do more damage to the environment than the felling of mature trees that would eventually fall by their own age. Wood is a renewable resource and if trees are replanted instead of using the land for other purposes such as agriculture or human settlements, the use of wood is really a green practice that benefits the growth of forests.

For this reason, the timber industry has been concerned about making plantations that guarantee the existence of this raw material and this has the intention that the green patch of the forest grows for the benefit of humanity.

From this perspective it is more advisable to use the engineering floors since they only have a precious wood sheet and the rest is pine wood which is a fast growing tree. Using a wooden floor, as well as building a house of wood instead of cement, is the most ecological decision than what is usually thought.

Exclusivity and beauty

Because wood is obviously the creation of nature, the organization of veins, tones and appearance is practically unrepeatable. The floors are unique and there is no possibility of having another, even in the same physical space. This differentiates it a lot from floors manufactured from other materials. To know more visit company like oak flooring for better ideas and suggestions.

Investment and goodwill

It is always difficult to decide the best way to invest our money instead of spending it on products that will no longer have value over time. This does not happen with wood floors, either engineering or solid. From the moment they settle their property will go up in value and this will continue to hold over time, if the floors are properly cared for, they are products that never go out of style and are appreciated by people who know about investments and expenses.

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