Benefits of staying in a serviced apartment

When we need to stay away from home, whether for business or pleasure, we tend to think of hotels or B&Bs but have you ever considered staying in serviced apartments? Here we look at the benefits of choosing this kind of accommodation:

Value for money – choosing to stay in a serviced apartment is generally cheaper than a hotel room of an equivalent standard. They can be up to 20% less expensive and don’t include any hidden extras like a mini bar or the temptation of ordering room service! If you need to stay long-term, for example longer than 28 days, then it becomes even better value for money. Many serviced apartments can also offer long-term bookings for business clients who may only need the accommodation from Monday to Friday.

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More room – serviced apartments are bigger than hotel rooms as you have space to cook, work and relax with up to a third more space than an average hotel room. A one-bedroom apartment can be up to twice the size of an equivalent standard hotel room. For centrally-located, top quality Serviced Apartments Birmingham, visit Birmingham Serviced Apartments

Great facilities – having a kitchen is not only convenient as you’re not tied to restaurant menus and times but also cheaper if you’re planning on an extended stay. For people with specific dietary requirements, the ability to self-cater can be a huge relief. Many apartments also provide facilities to do your own laundry. If you’re looking for a touch of luxury, like a swimming pool or gym then you can often find apartments that include these facilities as well. Unlike many hotel chains, free Wi-Fi comes as standard.

Flexible – just like a home from home, you are free to come and go as you please. You are able to cook and work whenever you want to, invite guests in, hold impromptu business meetings and enjoy the privacy and freedom to be your own boss in your own space. The maid service is not as frequent as you’ll find in a hotel meaning less interruptions but you still get to experience a clean and fresh apartment.

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Prime spots – the great thing about staying in a serviced apartment is you can guarantee it will be in a prime location. They’ll be found in all major cities and towns, central to tourist destinations or close to important business hubs and conference centres. They will be near to good transport networks and offer a great option for both business and leisure visitors.

Comfort – if you think that a hotel room will be more comfortable then think again as apartments can range from basic to very high-end. Expect to find luxurious interiors, comfortable furnishings, a kitchen with all the equipment you need, soft high-quality bedding, towels and even complimentary toiletries. You’ll also commonly find apartments being offered with Sky TV, Apple and Android TV and of course, the all-important free Wi-Fi connection for all your business and leisure needs.

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