Become a pharmacist for these reasons

The career of pharmacist topped Forbes’ magazine’s list of the best healthcare jobs in 2015, and there are plenty of reasons why. Pharmacists are well-respected members of the community who provide expert advice on medication, dispensing drugs, checking prescriptions and ensuring that rules controlling medicines are adhered to.

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For those with an interest in science and healthcare, it is an ideal job, although it requires a four-year MPharm degree followed by a year of pre-registration training and an entrance exam by the General Pharmaceutical Council. If you were to ask a pharmacist though they would tell you it’s worth every second. It’s good to know that there are factories out there making it easier for pharmacists by making medication boxes, tablet holders, pipets and more with Injection Moulding machinery which manufacturers can source from sites like

Use Your Expertise

The Royal Pharmaceutical Society says that pharmacists have greater expertise in medicines than any other health professional, making them key players in the future of healthcare.

The profession is changing and pharmacists are moving away from the more traditional roles of dispensing medication and recommending more over the counter remedies, meaning they are able to manage a variety of conditions.

An MPharm gives students a solid background in both scientific and professional knowledge, arming them with the skills necessary to pursue a fulfilling career.

Different Career Options

While many pharmacists will choose to work in a community or hospital pharmacy, the career does offer flexibility, with options to work in doctors’ practices or pursue a role in academia. They may also choose to work in journalism. It may be that you start out on one path and end up being interested in another, finding what works for you.


Because there are a number of roles open to qualified pharmacists, it means they can find a job which fits their lifestyle. For those with children there are options to work part-time, and because pharmacists are always in demand, it should not prove difficult to find a suitable role. There are many agencies which provide clinical staffing solutions to a whole range of health organisations.

Decent Salary

The role of pharmacist regularly makes the list of best paid jobs based on national average salaries, paying at least £37,000 a year.

Respected Profession

Like other healthcare professionals, pharmacists are recognised for their advanced qualifications and commitment to their work. Being a respected member of the community is an advantage of being a pharmacist, with the knowledge that you are helping people a huge incentive.


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