Alternative Italian Dishes That You Need To Try

Italian food is world-renowned, and Italy produces some of the best dishes across the globe.

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Italian food is associated with handcrafted stone-baked pizza and mouth-watering pasta dishes ranging from seafood linguine to lasagne al Forno. However, there is much more to Italian food than these classics, and although not so well known, they deserve to be on our menus.


Although only relatively recently appearing in the UK supermarkets, Arancini have been available in Sicily for many years. The large orange-shaped balls are coated in breadcrumbs and traditionally stuffed with rice, ragu sauce, mozzarella cheese and peas. Different variations are also available and just as delicious.


Not to everyone’s taste, Trippa is a broth-type dish which includes intestines, tomatoes and vegetables. It is commonly served with bread like a soup and is extremely flavoursome.

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Another soup-based dish, Ribollita was originally created by combining leftovers, but today it is a hearty warming dish perfect for a cold wintery night.

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Pasta Alla Carbonara

This traditional dish is rarely served the traditional way. Authentic Italian restaurants such as an Italian Restaurant in Dublin like prepare it using spaghetti pasta and pancetta which is then tossed together with a raw egg, black pepper and cheese. When combined, this creates the delicious creamy sauce.

Tortellini e Brodo

Translated, this is tortellini served in broth. Commonly eaten in Italy during the winter, it can be made with veal and parmigiana stuffed tortellini and topped with cheese.

Osso Buco Alla Milanese

Originally from Milan, this dish is made with veal shanks which are cooked slowly in white wine and garlic and served with seasonable vegetables.

Carciofi Alla Romana

Artichokes are often underrated, and this dish proves why. During spring, when the flower vegetable is in season, it is used in many Italian dishes, but in this dish it is the main event. The artichoke is soaked in lemon juice and stuffed with herbs, seasoning and garlic before being cooked in a little white wine. Served with a drizzle of olive oil and a sprinkle of herbs, this dish really is bellissimo and is well worth trying.


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